Mad Martins

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Gary Miller Songs

The official Homepage of Mad Martins Musical Director and Performer Gary Miller.

Dr. Keith Armstrong

The official Blog Page of Mad Martins Poet and Narrator Dr. Keith Armstrong.

Winkin' Bitsy

The official Homepage of Mad Martins Designer and Illustrator Helen Temperley.

Awake Music!

The official Homepage of Mad Martins Record Producer and Performer Iain Petrie.

Whippet Records

The official Homepage of the Mad Martins record label owned by Mad Martins Musical Director and Performer Gary Miller.

The Whisky Priests

The official Homepage of internationally acclaimed cult "folk-rock" band featuring Mad Martins Performers Gary Miller, Glenn Miller and Mick Tyas.

Tippin The Wink

Acoustic Trio featuring Mad Martins Performers Mick Tyas, Richard Doran and Sylvia Doran.

Northern Voices Community Projects

Northern Voices Community Projects aims to offer a platform for the views and experiences of those people living in the North East of England who are normally denied a voice and contributes to the culture of the region through a projects, publishing and events programme which celebrates its diverse communities. Mad Martins Poet & Narrator Keith Armstrong is the coordinator.

The Armstrong-Dixon Line

Welcome to the Armstrong-Dixon Line where North East England based writer Keith Armstrong and artist Peter Dixon share their views on the world and all that surrounds it. Expect rants, politics, poetry, history, photography and all sorts of........stuff.

Poetry Tyneside

A review of over four decades of writing from the Tyneside Poets, Strong Words and Northern Voices; also featuring new works.


The Creative School for Young Musicians established and run by Mad Martins Producer and Performer Iain Petrie.

The World of John Martin

Introduction to the life and works of John Martin, British New Romantic Regency Artist, Reformer & Engineer.