Mad Martins

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Mick Tyas

Mick appears regularly throughout the album. He sings lead vocals on two songs - The Dandy Horse and In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe) as well as providing various pieces of musical accompaniment to a few of the songsHe also co-arranged (with Richard Doran) many of the tunes that are used as backing tracks to the spoken word pieces, playing mandolin.

A fine multi-instrumentalist, Mick joined Gary and Glenn in The Whisky Priests in 1988 playing bass, providing strong backing and occasional lead vocals, and giving many years of loyal service to the band throughout its history. Mick would later come to play a major part in the band's 'Bloody Well Back' Reunion Tour in 2018, switching from bass to play a multitude of instruments including mandolin, tenor banjo, bouzouki and harmonica, as well as taking on a lead vocal duties on a sizeable number of songs in the reunion set list.

Prior to joining The Whisky Priests, Mick enjoyed a successful career on the North East of England music scene, playing in both punk bands and folk groups. He achieved huge popularity amongst fans and critics alike during his many years in The Whisky Priests for his singing, musicianship and larger-than-life personality.

After leaving The Whisky Priests, Mick founded and fronted successful folk-rock band, The Wickermen, touring solidly and becoming a mainstay of the 1990’s European festival circuit. Later he co-founded acoustic folk trio Tippin The Wink with Richard and Sylvia Doran (see 'Additional Guests').