Mad Martins

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"El Pasajero de Reserva" ("The Passenger Reservation") is a music programme of the free radio station Radio Topo (101.8 fm Zaragoza), broadcast live on Wednesdays from 9pm to 10pm.

The hour-long podcast, devoted entirely to Mad Martins, includes the following tracks from the CDs - A Thin Veneer; A Painting For Charles; Medals; Derwentwater´s Farewell; Blood, Fire and Smoke (Ballad of the Incendiary); William, You Were Really Something; In the Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe); At the Assizes; Just an Inoffensive Wife; Bonnie at Morn; Searching for the Waters of Oblivion; My “Life”; Tweedside; Maria's Testimony; Pandemonium; Three Mad Martins (Epitaph).

The following is a rough translation taken from the webpage of the podcast : -

The ability to use songs as a means to recount local events has always been a trait of Gary Miller, native of Durham (UK), an "irreducible operator". Since the days of The Whisky Priests, a band he founded with his twin Glenn Miller, he has been doing his research with dedication, trying to unearth or keep alive, local histories, at the same time expressing his emotions and personal interests, and always in an extremely original way, because to start with, his voice is no doubt peculiar and absolutely recognizable. Within that approach, it surprises now with the edition of a succulent compendium in the form of what we call here "disco-libro", with the title Mad Martins - The Story of the Martin Brothers (Whippet Records, 2017) and that along with an extension in the form of a compilation of instrumentals, it tells the story of three brothers of singular journey: William (philosopher and eccentric inventor), Jonathan (arsonist and leak expert [sic!]) and John (famous apocalyptic painter).

As you can guess, the documentation work and the diversity of resources used in the recordings and in the presentation, hides an intense work that is noticeable in the lyrical and visual result and that is enriched, among others, with the collaboration of Iain Petrie, who is responsible for the painstaking production, the recitation of the poet Keith Armstrong and the interpretative contributions of Mick Tyas, Richard Doran, Ann Sessoms, Sylvia Doran, Karen Ross, Marie Tucker and Jennie Beasty. A real development for Gary Miller, who resonates from his guttural folk and is instrumentally attached to his region but who delves into unpublished territories in his career. And among those fifty pieces, some bright ones. This is just a selection, a trailer for the lives of these three brothers, the ineffable Martins.

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