Mad Martins

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The CDs & Book

Mad Martins is available as an epic 50-track triple CD by Gary Miller with Keith Armstrong, Iain Petrie & Friends, housed in a lavishly-packaged 104-page Deluxe Book designed by Helen Temperley containing lyrics to all the songs, poems and spoken word pieces, with additional interlinking text and many beautiful images, including paintings, engravings, sketches, illustrations, and original artwork, further enhancing the story. You can browse some of the pages from the book in our Gallery.

Mad Martins is released by Whippet Records (WPTCDB24) and is available to buy direct from our Shop.

(Also available from official stockist Crown Studio, Rothbury, UK)


Track Listing : -

Disc 1


1. Three Mad Martins (Prophecy)

Part 1 - William Martin

2. On My Place Of Birth

3. The Leaping Swordsman

4. God And Air

5. William Martin's Dream

6. In Dreamtime

7. Inventions

8. The Dandy Horse

9. On Libraries

10. Just An Inoffensive Wife

11. The Philosopher's Cure For The Cholera Morbus

12. Medals

13. A Description Of William Martin

14. William, You Were Really Something

15. Reflections

Disc 2

Part 2 - Jonathan Martin

16. Of My Childhood And Youth

17. In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe)

18. "Shoot The Bishop!"

19. Musings On The Madhouse

20. Four Bare Walls

21. Escape

22. The Life Of Jonathan Martin

23. My 'Life'

24. A Special Instrument (Charles Dickens on Jonathan Martin, Part 1)

25. Blood, Fire And Smoke (Ballad Of The Incendiary)

26. Jonathan's Departure From Maria

27. Maria's Testimony

28. A Description Of Jonathan Martin

29. At The Assizes

30. Madhouse Martin

31. A Painting For Charles

32. On A Visit To Bedlam (Charles Dickens on Jonathan Martin, Part 2)

Disc 3

Part 3 - John Martin

33. John's Song

34. Picture The Scriptures

35. The Plains Of Heaven

36. Lightning Strikes

37. Searching For The Waters Of Oblivion

38. That's Me!

39. I Saw The Signs

40. In My Hands

41. The Paint And The Pain

42. Drainage Scheme

43. Facing-Both-Ways

44. A Thin Veneer

45. A Letter From John Martin

46. Wicked Old World

47. The Most Original Genius Of His Age (Edward Bulwer-Lytton on John Martin)

48. Pandemonium


49. Three Mad Martins (Epitaph)


50. At Anchor


Performed by :  -

Gary Miller - Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, standard & octave Mandolins, occasional Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, assorted traditional & invented Percussion
Iain Petrie – numerous Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Ukeleles, Glockenspiel, Bass, Drums, assorted traditional & invented Percussion, Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Programming, Orchestral Arrangements, etc…

Poems and spoken word pieces
Keith Armstrong - Voice (Poetry Recitation, Narration)
Richard Doran – Bouzouki, Dulcimer
Glenn Miller - Accordion
Mick Tyas - Mandolin
Ann Sessoms - Northumbrian Pipes
Iain Petrie - Additional Keyboards, Programming & Effects

Guest Lead Vocalists
Mick Tyas - Lead Vocals on The Dandy Horse and In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe) (plus Backing Vocals on The Leaping Swordsman"Shoot The Bishop!"Four Bare WallsEscapeA Painting For Charles)
Marie Tucker - Lead Vocal on Maria's Testimony
Karen Ross - Lead Vocal Duet with Gary on A Thin Veneer
Sylvia Doran - Lead Vocal on ‘Wicked Old World' (plus Backing Vocals on Three Mad Martins (Prophecy))

Additional Guest Musicians
Jennie Beasty - Fiddle on The Leaping SwordsmanMaria's Testimony and "Shoot The Bishop!"
Trevor Kinsel - Trumpet on Medals
Frank Meadley - Bodhran on In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe) 
Glenn Miller - Accordion on Three Mad Martins (Prophecy)The Leaping SwordsmanThe Dandy Horse, In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe)  "Shoot The Bishop!" 
Mick Tyas - Mandolin & Percussion on In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe), Harmonica on A Painting For Charles

Additional Guest Vocalists 
Tamsin Davidson - Backing Vocals on God And Air 
Anna Emmins - Backing Vocals on God And Air 
Barbara Petrie (R.I.P.) - Harmony Vocals on "Shoot The Bishop!"

'The Press-ganged and Beleaguered Crew of The Good Ship Hercules' (Richard Doran, 'Glasgow' Jimmy, Frank Meadley, Gary Miller and Iain Petrie; ably led by 'Captain' Mick Tyas) - Backing Vocals, plus various shouts, "heave-ho's", hoots, hollers and hearty howls on In The Navy (Jonathan's Chantey & Hornpipe)

The Albert Ness Ensemble - Orchestration on In My Hands 
The Lick Spittals - Horns

Title & Initial Project Concept by Keith Armstrong

Musical Direction by Gary Miller

All songs arranged by Gary Miller & Iain Petrie
All accordion tunes arranged by Glenn Miller
All mandolin, dulcimer/bouzouki tunes arranged by Richard Doran & Mick Tyas
All northumbrian pipe tunes arranged by Ann Sessoms

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Iain Petrie
Recorded at Awake Music! Studios in Berwick-upon-Tweed & Spittal during 2013-14, with additional 'field' recordings using the Awake Music! mobile studio at The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 11th December 2014

Mastered by Garry Boyle at Slate Room Studio, Pencaitland, April 2015

Original artwork, design & layout by Helen Temperley at Winkin' Bitsy

Interlinking text written and compiled by Keith Armstrong and Gary Miller